Sunday, August 13, 2006

I play the GUITAR

...and i play well. (so says the fat girl amy)
its a fact.
my name is brent-o san and i am from japan, and i rock so hard speaking my two languages. i love the fat girl amy, even though all she does is eat, i still love her. im bringing her back to america and then canada, its gonna be a blast!
i had braces and i still wear the retainer every once in a while, its good stuff. i really dont want my teeth to get out of whack like they used to be, that would just be horrific. well its kind of sad, well actually i dont if im sad or happy, the summer is coming to an end and i will be leaving this north star place in less than a week and then going to see some of my old friends in sendai, its going to rock, but fat amy isnt coming. BOO. this has been a good summer full of thinking, laughing and bathing. i actually enjoy bathing even though some may think otherwise. we had a power outage the other day, a huge storm. oh something else about bathing, today i went to the onsen and i was like yeah im tan, what, what... and then to my thoughts demise i found out my tan was just dirt. unfortunate. i like britney spears. you know? fat amy made me like her, and i dont mind, mainly because fat amys so cool that its hard not to be swayed into her own thoughts/opinions/beliefs. anyway. back to this summer, i have realized many things about life and family and friends and cleaning and hiking and playing and responsibiliting and learning and translating and friending and climbing and manualing and cooperating and appreciating and discovering and eating and LIVING a rock and roll lifestyle... and as Joey Tribianni would say "sharing and giving and receiving." i actually love the rock and roll lifestyle its rocking and i just rock out every moment i can. i3po forever, look them up on myspace, they are one of the best bands in the freaking world!
SERIOUSLY this is real last week we had a camp that came of about 25 kids from the ages of like 6 to 13 and we took them up into the mountains with backpacks and all... eep! and seriously, it was so amazing from the time we left to the time we got back(which was only about 2 days when it was supposed to be 3 or 4 or something due to some tyfoon that was trying to rain on our parade and did but only by warning, not by any real damage to skin or life) it was night and day difference there had been such a change in the kids lives, it was really cool to be apart of and see. truly cool.
hey sorry since i have been taking medication for my uh my blogs get seriously wild and i am very sorry for it. read on with joy and laughter, yipperreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just love this life that i live its nice. im alive breathing feeling and LOVING it. yeah.


Polythene Pam said...

Wow, I am glad to hear you so happy. Weird to hear you talking about the rock 'n roll life style, where did that happen? But it's fine I guess - enjoying life is good. Just as long as you are only indulging in the rock 'n roll part and not the sex and drugs... if you know what I mean.
ok enough mamma pam for now. I hope to talk to you sometime when you get back in this country. I really do have a fancy little trinket to send your way so you'll need to give me an address to send it to.
love you.
(just to explain: when I write comments so long that they're more like an e-mail than a comment I like to sign them at the end like I would an e-mail).

Jimmy said...

Sir, you sound very happy or very drugged. I'll assume it's the former, in which case I am very happy for you. I think that Japan is much more your place than N. America. No big surprise. We'll have to talk when you get back.

HBryson said...

I'm not sure when this stopped being brent and turned into a 14 year old girl. I think it was around the time all the words began ending in -ing... and maybe i'm way outa line asking but who the hell is fat amy and why do we call her that?

heidi said...

brent, i miss you. and seeing capernwray folk in california didn't help. luke and i had to get lost in mexico without you. brent, i miss you.

mary said...

haha, amy took over your blog again. enjoy this last week at northstar brent. takayama is waiting for you. i leave the day after to you sometime after you have crossed the ocean too (and i mean by plane, and not just by a standby flight, and especially not by bob).

Polythene Pam said...

am I to gather from that last commet that someone else signed onto Brent's blog and wrote this post? becuase I kind of suspected as much...

luke said...

be tits