Thursday, October 26, 2006

secret memory monkey

Its an odd thing to realize that teachers actually cares sometimes. I had a class with this one professor last year, she was a good teacher, and even inspired me to go to university instead of hanging out around this joint. No big deal, profs inspire lots of students and change peoples course of thinking and lives daily so I figured she forgot about me. This is where there’s a plot twist because the assumed statement above is about to be proved untrue. Could it be possible that teachers actually care about there students? That they seek to impart knowledge and not gain dollar signs? That they remember names of students EVEN AFTER the school year is over? I thought it was just an idealistic myth created by school websites and freshmen, but apparently not.

I ran into one of my profs from last year who I haven’t seen in over 6 months not expecting too much. My jaw dropped in amazement not only as she called me by my name but started asking questions specific to my personal existence. There are only three explanations for how this can be: 1. She saw me in the hallway, looked up my file before I saw her, and then proceeded to act “surprised” to see me and ask questions. 2. She has a picture of me on her computer desktop and thinks about me daily. 3. She has a secret memory monkey who lives in a basement in Russia and speaks to her through an intracranial telekinetic communication device (you may know it better as the ITCD). There are no other possible explanations. In the interest of truth I seek to search, expose, and annihilate whoever this teachers informer is.


Miss Courtnay said...

Or she's not totally heartless, and can remeber a few students who have brains and carry on intelligent conversation.

Polythene Pam said...

Nope, definetly option 3. The others are highly implausible.

m.melissa.h said...

who was it?! Gaylynne? Janet? ... there are a couple of great proffs at CBC like that, like i hadn't talked to this one since first year and he totally remebered my name and class.

and i definatly think they have a picture of you on their desktop. *shudder* that would be soo wrong

brent potter said...

it was gaylynne. shes great like that

Jimmy said...

Are you climbing Everest?!

m.melissa.h said...

oooh gaylynne. so many interesting discussion with/about her about all sorts of theology and such. she's great and makes you think!


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