Thursday, March 08, 2007

giddy cavers

And you people thought I was technologically impaired! Ha! Not only have I proven you wrong by posting a picture but also a movie! So I never want to hear about it again.

Surprisingly, claustrophobia was about the last thing on anyone’s mind—like the thing everyone knows is there but no one pays attention to…like babies. Caving is probably the most adventurous activity a normal Joe could pursue—the last frontier on earth that doesn’t require an exorbitant budget of those who desire to explore. Add in the beauty of underground geology, technical rope skills, and a good time with a few nutty cavers, and you’ve got yourself the vacation of a life time.

In comparison to their egotistical, global-summit-dominion motivated mountaineering counterparts; cavers seem to hold a strong camaraderie between each other. While mountaineers would rather boast about how many summits they’ve sacked in the Himalayas, cavers would be more likely to make fun of your mother over a pint. Maybe the main difference is that mountaineers climb mountains to feed their insatiable ego and cavers cave to discover the cave—not to prove something. I like that.


Polythene Pam said...

Oh my goodness, that looks so incredibly unpleasant. You're a nut Brent. Dang it, sucks that I didn't get to see you this week. Ah well, we'll always have that month in Portland! ;-) Man... caving is like one of my greatest fears. Way to rock it Brent. Way to rock it.

Ro said...

What are you guys doing in the video?
I deduced the following:
1. you were walking through nasty water
2. and it was deeper than you thought
3. which is all very funny
4. because caves are dark, funny places

Jimmy said...

you are doing cool things. I like it. Miss you.

B├ęthany said...

Brent, you still laugh the same! You still look the same! You still exist, out there! What a wonderful reminder. Thanks for the video and photo and story.