Monday, May 07, 2007


There are those people I occasionally meet who are paradoxical to me. We all know that horrible experiences screw people up; parent dies as a kid, abuse of some form or another, overdose of some form or another, and BANG you’re one messed up kid. Its typical for these people to live in gutters or just have a lot a baggage that they carry around. This is normal. But have you met those who have had horrible experiences (horrible enough to warrant a minimum of 10 years of gutter living) and yet somehow seem to over come? These are the paradox-gems. I have met only two such paradoxes (the first one I assumed was an anomaly, but the second time around can be no coincidence) who live with such joy that it literally blows me away. I stand and watch them astounded at their interactions, inspired by their love for people, dumfounded by their wisdom, amazed at their selflessness, and I am left mouth agape seeing these people in light of their past. What great hurtles were overcome and what great wounds healed for this person to stand in front of me now? Confounding. These incite my greatest curiosity and my most profound admiration.

Tell me, what do you know that I don't, what power do you posses, what hidden truths discovered? How do you smile with that glimmer in your eyes and wide genuine smile. Paradox, what has experience taught that you to live so richly.

Or could it be that deepest suffering is the cornerstone of truest life.


B├ęthany said...

Hey Brent

You should read some Oscar Wilde: all available at

... I recommend first a couple of the short stories: "The Nightingale and the Rose" and "The Happy Prince"...

and what I really think you should read,:
"De Profundis" (you can read it for free at the website, but it is book-length, and if I were you, I would find it at a local library)

Polythene Pam said...

This is one of my favorites Brent. Well I guess they all are. But it's really nice.

and I think I'm going to take Bethany up on that Oscar Wilde link...

JK said...

When someone has been through and actually overcome their hell, only then will they appreciate the heaven that surrounds them. Love the writing Brent. Keep it up.