Tuesday, March 07, 2006

arrogus insecureum

There is nothing that tastes more bitter in my mouth than arrogant outdoors people. Especially the ones who are incredibly amazing at everything and presume that, because they are amazing at everything they have more worth than those that are not (a mathematical equation that I have developed for this called in Latin, "Arrogus-insecureum", the conjecture that {more ability = more worth}—a desperately grade school philosophy. This attitude is evident even in Batman Begins, with the quote "It's not who you are, but what you do that matters" Everything in this business is performance based, the more performance the bigger the ego, and consequently, the more ones mouth is open conceitedly bragging about his own abilities in a manner that portrays rancid insecurity of the most desperate echelon.

This is the one thing that ruins the beautiful outdoors; ugly people.


Polythene Pam said...

You have encountered a phenomenon in your own field of study which I would contend is actually true of all colliget fields of study. In the land of higher education more skill in one's field will always give one a feeling of superiority above those with lesser skill or brains. That is a main reason why I steer cleer of fields I could potentially enjoy, such as outdoors, mathematics, and the like, and stick to the ones in which I can secure my own feeling of superiority. I prefer to be better than people rather than for them to be better than me. Alas, it is true. But of course... I know what you mean and ugly people do suck.

Polythene Pam said...

May I add that this phenomenon extends beyond higher learning and into even such workplaces as construction sites, resturanteers, and really the whole of stratefied fields within our society. Social stratification: something I often marvel at.

Janice said...

hm. now you've gone and made me think. meanie.

the thought i came up with is that this is actually not true in the film school area of collegiate study. i was amazed, but really. we consist entirely of people who do not want to have their picture taken (all the people who do are in the acting program). and so mostly we're a pretty modest, self-deprecating bunch. i mean, we'll sell our souls for a chance in hollywood, but we'll be very well-spoken and mannerly about it.

Miss Courtnay said...

You can hang out with me; a) I'm beautiful and add to all scenic outdoor experiences. b) I'm not very good at all sport so you can feel like you have more worth then me.

Benjamin said...

"What you are will show in what you do."
~Thomas A. Edison

Ro said...

Three kinds of people
1. Insecure "I'm not worthy" people. (If they never really try, they rest in the false assurance that their failure cannot be attributed to who they really are).

2. Insecure "I'm the best of the best and I'll prove it to you or die" people.
(If they go around talking themselves up, they create a bubble of illusioned greatness that even they begin to believe. They really will fight you to the death in word or deed because if they fail, they're good as dead).

3. Not insecure "I know my weaknesses and my strengths and I'm okay" people.
(They recognized that their value does not come from what they do but who they are. Preferably they recognize that they are created in God's image, loved perfectly by him and can never do anything to make God love them more or less.)

Court adjourned.

Kuri said...

As I sit glazed-eyed in front of the computor defiantly doing everything but what I should be doing, I notice your links on the right hand side of your blog are very thorough. Even your classmates' xangas are linked. I'm impressed. Hakushu.

Jimmy said...

referring to the last one, some thoughts--infinite meaning comes from infinite being: God. Helping other people is one way, perhaps the highest way, but not the only way. And I'm not sure you have to spend all of your time doing it. Perhaps helping one guy out who just needs a friend, but lives right next door, is just as good as going to Africa and starting an orphanage that changes the whole social structure of an area. And maybe there are times when you need to have a different focus; e.g., just sitting and contemplating God, or even what he has made. It's something that I've been thinking about some too. Don't have an exact answer.