Thursday, May 18, 2006

office lady!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what in Hades I’m doing here these days. Well, even if you aren’t I sure am… but in exciting news I have found a job for a while. That’s right, I am now an official office lady (I got my badge yesterday) for a cruise ship company. So I get to wear a cool headset with a microphone on it and answer calls in front of a computer screen and give people information about how to get to various places in Portland. Which is somewhat ironic given the fact that I just moved to this town 2 weeks ago. I have a suspicion that I may be the first male office lady that has been hired by this company because everyone keeps referring to our department as full of “her”s and “she”s. Although I am not bold enough yet, I plan on politely reminding my benevolent co-workers of my gender…if necessary with my fist. How many girls would do that huh?! Hopefully this job will lift me out of complete destitution and redeposit my financial corpse onto the proverbial “lifeboat” of life.
Yes friends, it was a hopeful time for all of Portland.


Jimmy said...

Brent, are you staying in Portland this summer? I could meet you there, or in Japan, or somewhere else in the world. But I think I'll be out your way near the end of July.

luke said...


mary said...

i still crack up thinking about you having a job like that...especially after being a garbage man, a tourist train conductor, and a janitor. anyhow, i'm home now and it is completely wonderful...except that i'm absolutely jetlagged and i'm off to begin work tomorrow. hope you had fun rock climbing the other night. come home soon! ; ) can't wait to see you.

Béthany said...

hey brent, read the second paragraph:

my sister will be happy

Miss Courtnay said...

Brent, hanging out with Heather Allen and not you just seemed like a crime. Although there was alot less blood shed and I don't think I heard her say the words SHUT UP once. It seemed so wrong. Ah, well perhaps another time.

Ro said...

BRENT!!! Guess what. If you and Cami/Deidre come to the airport when I land I'll be seeing you in a week! So sad my international journey-ing will be coming to an end, but there's bad things coming to and end too, which is very good! I'm tired of team life, crazy stupid rules and food that's makes me fat. See you soon!!

haichu said...

Brent! hehe you commented on my relatives blog, thats like where all of us make blogs to for the reunion this summer. hehe i was like eh? why would you be commenting there? My personal one is
you can comment there. hehe. Yes i am ready to Party! lol
see ya

haichu said...


I couldnt think of anything for the Y except that. because nothing fit.